Leola root, State of flux

A leola root

Leola root was a dark yellow root vegetable native to the Delta Quadrant.

Though it had an unpleasant taste and was covered in mildew, leola root was one of the best sources of vitamins and minerals in the quadrant, according to Neelix. He introduced the plant to the USS Voyager crew in 2371. (VOY: "State of Flux")

Neelix grew it in the hydroponics bay, and cooked with it throughout the seven-year voyage. Most of the crew continued to complain about the taste, but Neelix kept using it in his many dishes. (VOY: "Phage", "Parturition", "Thirty Days")

When Neelix told B'Elanna Torres how he realized that he was missing an ingredient during the process of perfecting his Jibalian seven-spice omelette, she guessed that it was leola root. (VOY: "Prototype")

Kes liked leola root. Neelix packed some for her upon her second departure from the USS Voyager in 2376. (VOY: "Fury")

The leola root seen in "State of Flux" was made from a painted ginger root with some additions to make it look more alien. [1]

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