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Leon R. Harris was an art director on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, along with Joe Jennings and John Vallone. All three of them shared an Academy Award nomination for their work on this film, along with production designer Harold Michelson and set decorator Linda DeScenna. Harris and Michelson also worked together on the 1990 film Dick Tracy, with Harris working as a matter layour illustrator and Michelson as art director. (The cast of Dick Tracy featured Hamilton Camp, Seymour Cassel, Robert Costanzo, Tony Epper, Ed McCready, Colm Meaney, Michael J. Pollard, Bert Remsen, John Schuck, Paul Sorvino, and Ian Wolfe.)

Harris had previously worked with Star Trek: The Motion Picture director Robert Wise as an illustrator on the Academy Award-winning musicals West Side Story (1961) and The Sound of Music (1965, starring Christopher Plummer). Harris later worked as an illustrator on the films Taps (1981, featuring Billy Van Zandt), Two of a Kind (1983, featuring Robert Costanzo, with set decoration by Marvin March), The Pentient (1988), Mobsters (1991, featuring F. Murray Abraham, Seymour Cassel, Willie Garson, Chuck Picerni, Jr., Christian Slater, and Titus Welliver, with art direction by Peter Landsdown Smith), and Frankie and Johnny (1991, featuring K Callan and Dey Young).

Harris' earliest work as an art director were the 1977 NBC made-for-television movies The Girl in the Empty Grave and Deadly Game. Both of these films – which starred Andy Griffith as Police Chief Abel Marsh – had James Cromwell in the cast and featured cinematography by Gayne Rescher. The former movie was directed by Lou Antonio and co-starred Jonathan Banks and Don Keefer; the latter co-starred Morgan Woodward. Besides Star Trek, Harris' other art direction credits consist of the feature films On the Yard (1978, featuring David Clennon), The Devil and Max Devlin (1981, featuring Julie Parrish), Diner (1982, featuring Mark Margolis), and SpaceCamp (1986, featuring Terry O'Quinn).

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