Leskit was an officer aboard the IKS Rotarran during the Klingon-Cardassian War in 2372 and 2373.

He later served as the helmsman during General Martok's first command of the Rotarran in late 2373. He wore a necklace made of Cardassian neckbones and spoke admirably of his Cardassian foes, stating "it was an honor to kill them". (DS9: "Soldiers of the Empire")


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Leskit was played by the late David Graf.

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Leskit is a main character in the Star Trek: IKS Gorkon novels and was Keith R.A. DeCandido's first choice when deciding on characters from DS9 and TNG to include in the novel series. He commented: "Leskit was in fact my first choice. As soon as I started creating the Klingon crew, the absolute first person I wanted in there was Leskit because he was a snide, obnoxious Klingon, which is never simple. That really appealed to me, somebody who was that much of a wise ass and who was very much a Klingon. He walked around with Cardassian neck bones around his neck. So this was not exactly a friendly, happy wiseass Klingon". (Voyages of Imagination)

Leskit also appears in The Left Hand of Destiny, Book One, The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two, A Singular Destiny and the videogame Star Trek Online.

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