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Let's Trek: The Budget Guide to the Klingons 1995


The Klingon homeworld, shrouded in mystery and rarely revealed, has finally been opened to travelers. At last, the aloof Klingons uncover some of their secrets.
THE UNOFFICIAL TOUR GUIDE TO THE KLINGON WORLDS, not endorsed by Paramount, the United Federation of Planets or Klinsai, provides the daring traveler with a unique experience, a guide to a wild and fantastic culture that has formed a powerful alliance with the United Federation of Planets. Despite this alliance, Klinzai remains one of the least visited, and most authentic, of alien cultures.
Visit monuments and battlefields of great antiquity and learn the history of the Klingon empire, including the origins of the peace treaty with the Federation. Explore the cities and homes and discover Klingon families, society and social structure. Witness Klingon religious practices and their government in action. THE UNOFFICIAL TOUR GUIDE TO THE KLINGON WORLDS provides the perfect guide to the many surprises awaiting the adventurous traveler on the Klingon homeworld.

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