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Leto was a male Kwejian that lived on the planet Kwejian in the late 32nd century. He was Kyheem's son, and Cleveland Booker's nephew. Leto was born after Booker left Kwejian in 3174.

In 3189, Osyraa used the threat of starving the Kwejian people, including Leto, to force Kyheem to turn over Booker and Ryn. After the USS Discovery crew were able to force Osyraa away from the planet, Kyheem brought his son to visit Discovery and meet Michael Burnham. During the visit, Burnham offered to introduce Leto to Lieutenant Linus, whose lizard-like appearance captured Leto's attention, adding "you can peel off a piece of his face if you want." Burnham later noted to Booker, "your nephew is hilarious." (DIS: "The Sanctuary")

Leto was played by Luca Doulgeris.
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