Levitation boots

Levitation boots

Levitation boots were used by Starfleet personnel to propel an individual to heights that the user would normally have to reach by climbing or using other equipment. One pair of levitation boots was designed to levitate only the weight of approximately three Humans of average size. The boots were equipped with booster rockets in the heel of the boot. The booster rockets allowed a heavier weight to be carried, and also a more rapid ascent or descent. The boots also allowed the user to hover in the air in angles other than the upright position.

In 2287, Spock used the levitation boots to observe Captain James T. Kirk while making his ascent on El Capitan.

Kirk, Leonard McCoy and Spock also used the boots in an attempt to climb a turboshaft while being pursued by Sybok and his followers on the USS Enterprise-A. (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

The boots were named as levitation boots in the script of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. [1]

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