A librarian is a person who works in a library, organizing and managing of information services or materials for those with information needs.

Mr. Atoz oversaw a library on the planet Sarpeidon. He had replicas of himself to help him in the library. (TOS: "All Our Yesterdays")

After being captured on Delta Theta III, James T. Kirk remarked that "There are times, Mr. Spock, when I think I should have been a librarian." Spock observed that "The job of librarian would be no less challenging, Captain, but it would undoubtedly be a lot less dangerous." (TAS: "Bem")


Starfleet librarian

A librarian in a deleted scene of Star Trek: Insurrection

Background Information

In a deleted scene in Star Trek: Insurrection, a librarian serving on the USS Enterprise-E appeared (played by Lee Arnone-Briggs). She was a sciences division lieutenant.

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