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Starfleet Lieutenant junior grade insignia
Starfleet DIS LT JG.png

2240s - 2250s

2240s - 2250s
Officer stripe, 2254-2265.png

2250s - 2260s

2250s - 2260s
Tos ltjg.png

Mid 2260s - Early 2270s

Mid 2260s - Early 2270s
Mov ltjg.png

Late 2270s - 2350s

Late 2270s - 2350s
Tng ltjg.png

2350s -

2350s -
Vgr ltjg.png

(provisional), 2370s

(provisional), 2370s
"Are all the Starfleet Lieutenants as brash as you are?"
"I couldn't say, though I doubt it."
"Well, I'm glad they made you a lieutenant. It would have been hard taking advice from an ensign."
– Julian Bashir on the promotion of Ezri Dax, 2375 ("Afterimage")

The rank of lieutenant junior grade, sometimes abbreviated to lieutenant j.g. or junior lieutenant, was a junior officer grade used by Starfleet that was positioned between an ensign and a full lieutenant.

The rank was used primarily within the Federation, although its United Earth predecessor, from which it primarily took its rank structure, did not appear to use this grade.

During certain points in its history, Starfleet discontinued the rank of lieutenant junior grade, promoting ensigns directly to the full grade of lieutenant. This was the case in the mid 2270s, when ensigns adopted the sleeve insignia of the former lieutenant jg rank.

Benjamin Sisko once recalled the time he got promoted to lieutenant, stating that "It took me a while to get used to being called "sir" by my friends who were still ensigns." (DS9: "Accession")

After taking the liberty to speak with Starfleet Medical, Captain Benjamin Sisko got them to waive the rest of Ezri Dax's training and gave her a commission as a full counselor with the rank of lieutenant. (DS9: "Afterimage")

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This chart shows only general equivalencies based on the ranks used by many governments on Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy.

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The rank of "lieutenant junior grade" was portrayed in nearly all Starfleet rank schemes, but was only mentioned in the dialogue of the episodes TNG: "Tapestry" and DS9: "Prodigal Daughter".

The term of "junior lieutenant" appeared in dialogue in DS9: "If Wishes Were Horses".

Several pre-production publications(citation needededit), regarding Star Trek: The Motion Picture, established that the lieutenant junior grade rank did not exist during the time frame of the film. Though at one point, according to one early draft of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (dated 19 July 1978), Lieutenant Ilia had been identified in dialogue as a "Lieutenant Junior Grade".

An issue of Star Trek: The Magazine(citation needededit) established that the costuming department on Star Trek: Enterprise had no insignia for lieutenant junior grade, although this does not necessarily mean the rank did not exist.

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