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Ligon II was the inhabited second planet of its star system and the homeworld of the humanoid Ligonians. The planet was not a Federation member.

In 2364, Ligon II was orbited by an orbital control station and was the source of a rare vaccine that was needed on Federation planet Styris IV. The USS Enterprise-D visited the planet in an attempt to secure some of the vaccine, and in the process Lieutenant Yar was kidnapped.

Ligonian Centerplace

The Ligonian Centerplace, an imposing structure overlooking a city, was the place were the leader of Ligon II, Lutan, and later Hagon in early 2364, resided. The Centerplace was located on the northern hemisphere of the planet, close to an ocean.

It was characterized by a large tower in the center of the structure and a large open courtyard, with a small fountain in the center. Lutan's throne was located on one end of the courtyard; a large wall of hand-held weapons, including crossbows and spears, was located on the other side. Two sentries were often standing guard next to two giant gongs, which were located close to the fountain.

The Centerplace was adorned with many different plants and the characteristic, hexagonal shape of the Ligonian logo was present everywhere, including on doors and the weapon wall.

A fighting range consisting of different levels of steps, lights, and metal rods could be installed in the middle of the Centerplace. Yareena, Lutan's First One, fought Natasha Yar on this structure in a fight to the death. Several seats were arranged around the fighting range for spectators to attend the ceremony. (TNG: "Code of Honor")

Both the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 465) and classified Ligon II as a class M planet. [1] In the latter, it was stated that the planet was known to the Federation since the 2320s when a Ligonian participated in a wrestling match at Starfleet Academy.
In discussing the Ligon II matte painting, Syd Dutton described the planet as "an African planet", where "the buildings were reminiscent of African buildings". ("The Art of Alien Worlds", VOY Season 4 DVD, special feature)

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