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Linda L. DeScenna (born 14 November 1949; age 69) is an Academy Award-nominated Set Decorator and present day Production Designer for Hollywood feature films. The first film she ever worked on as set decorator was Star Trek: The Motion Picture. She also received her first Academy Award nomination for her work on this film, shared with Production Designer Harold Michelson and Art Directors Leon Harris, Joe Jennings, and John Vallone.

Linda DeScenna went on to earn Academy Award nominations for her set decoration on the films Blade Runner (1982, featuring Joanna Cassidy and costumes co-designed by Michael Kaplan), The Color Purple (1985, starring Whoopi Goldberg), Rain Man (1988), and Toys (1992). She also decorated the sets for such films as The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984, starring Peter Weller, Clancy Brown, Christopher Lloyd, Vincent Schiavelli, and Robert Ito), The Goonies (1985), Back to School (1986, featuring Terry Farrell, Sally Kellerman, Adrienne Barbeau, and Robert Picardo), Scrooged (1988, featuring John Glover, Michael J. Pollard, and Alfre Woodard), Back to the Future Part II (1989, starring Christopher Lloyd), and The Rocketeer (1991, featuring Bill Campbell, Max Grodénchik, Darryl Henriques, Clint Howard, Ed Lauter, Terry O'Quinn, Tiny Ron, and Paul Sorvino). Her last film as set decorator was 1994's Wolf (starring Christopher Plummer), working with production designer and former Star Trek: The Next Generation assistant art director Jim Dultz.

In 1994, she began a career in production design. She has been the production designer on all of director Tom Shadyac's films since 1997: Liar Liar, Patch Adams, Dragonfly, Bruce Almighty, and Evan Almighty. Other films she has worked on as production designer include Father of the Bride Part II (1995, in which she also made a cameo appearance as a guest at the baby shower), the Star Trek-themed spoof Galaxy Quest (1999), and Bringing Down the House (2003).

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