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In an alternate timeline, Linnis Paris was the half-Human, half-Ocampan daughter of Tom Paris and Kes, who was born in 2374. She figured prominently during a series of realities in which Kes found herself living as she jumped backwards in time.

As a half-Ocampan, she grew up quickly, and soon married Harry Kim. The couple had a son, named Andrew. She opposed The Doctor's plan to try a radical experiment to retard morilogium and unnaturally extend Kes' lifespan. She confessed to her mother that she was worried that she would not be a good mother.

One of the later jumps backward Kes experienced giving birth to Linnis aboard a Class 2 shuttlecraft during the Year of Hell. (VOY: "Before and After")


Background information

Linnis was played by Jessica Collins as an adult, and an unknown performer as an infant.


In the Distant Shores anthology series, the short story "Closure" sees Neelix have a brief 'vision' of various possible other futures he and Kes might have experienced, including one where they returned to Earth with the rest of the crew accompanied by their children, a daughter named Linnis and her younger brother Tixa.