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Lisa Croisette is an actress who appeared as a command division officer in several episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. As a background actress she received no credit for her appearances.

Working as an actress from the early 1980s on, Croisette had featured parts in episodes of The Fall Guy (1982, with Scott Marlowe) and Hotel (1983, with Michael Spound, Monte Markham, and Jessie Lawrence Ferguson) and appeared in the science fiction comedy My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988, with Tony Jay, Adrian Sparks, Suzie Plakson, Kevin McDermott, and Earl Boen) and in the crime drama The Two Jakes (1990, with Tracey Walter, Perry Lopez, and Don McGovern).

In 1999, she worked as stand-in for Cameron Diaz on the fantasy drama Being John Malkovich, along with Willie Garson, Richard Fancy, Patti Tippo, Audrey Gelfund, and Andy Dick, and appeared in the short comedy Mutual Love Life, with Matt McCoy.

More recently, Croisette was featured in two episodes of the television series The West Wing (2000 and 2001, with George Coe, Timothy Davis-Reed, and Andy Milder).

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