The following is a list of individuals from Emi's species.



Deep Space 9 bidder

An alien bidder

This female was one of the alien bidders during an auction at Quark's aboard Deep Space 9 in 2373. (DS9: "In the Cards")

The alien woman by an unknown actress.

Emi's family

Emi's family produced reverse-ratcheting routing planers. In 2371, she expected that purchasing the planers from Quark would enable her family to triple their production. When Emi asked him if they could sign the contract immediately, the Ferengi, in no rush for her to cease her ministrations, reminded her that her family's ship would not be arriving for another week and therefore they had plenty of time.

Later, she asked Zek to let Quark know that her family's ship had arrived with their payment in latinum. (DS9: "Prophet Motive")

This family was only mentioned in dialogue.

Pernaia Prime moon visitor

A tall female alien

This tall female was one of the visitors in the bar Pernaia Prime's moon in 2152. She was one of the three aliens who participated in a game at one of the tables. She later left the bar when the fire broke out. (ENT: "The Seventh")

This alien was played by background actress Lana Taylor, who received no credit for this role.

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