A living room, or front room, was a room in one's home where time was spent with one's family.

While traveling with his son in a Bajoran lightship, Benjamin Sisko recalled how, homesick in his early days at Starfleet Academy, he would materialize in his living room at 6:30 every night and sit at the table as though he'd just come down the stairs. (DS9: "Explorers")

In 2378, Tom Paris speculated jokingly that one of the many wormholes they encountered might lead directly into Harry Kim's parent's living room. (VOY: "Endgame")

Kate Mulgrew recalled, "Memories of Voyager are legion. But very hard to beat my first entrance onto The Bridge from my Ready Room, with Paramount & UPN brass watching my every move & Rick Kolbe's voice in my ear, "The Bridge is your living room – it belongs to you, and nowhere else on earth or in space are you more comfortable." And so it was." [1]

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