Ensign Locklin was a Starfleet transporter technician serving on board the USS Enterprise-D in the 24th century, directly under Miles O'Brien.

Locklin was the last one to use the transporter, before the ship passed through a small wormhole near the Ngame Nebula in 2367.

Locklin's transporter use was one of the many factors which led to the failure of the first Paxan attempt to erase one day in the memories of the Enterprise-D crew, covering up Paxan existence. Doctor Crusher examined her and compared the results with the transporter data. The transport allegedly had taken place only a short time before, but Locklin's cell structure showed that the transport had taken place more than 24 hours prior. This discrepancy was taken care of, when the crew's memories were erased a second time. (TNG: "Clues")

Locklin was played by background actress Kathy Hammers.
She filmed her scene on Thursday 29 November 1990 on Paramount Stage 9 and had a makeup call at 8:00 a.m.
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