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Lolita Fatjo (born 13 December 1958; age 65) was assistant to the Executive Producer for two years and then became the pre-production coordinator and script coordinator for Star Trek: The Next Generation, a pre-production associate and pre-production coordinator for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a pre-production coordinator for Star Trek: Voyager, and a production associate for Star Trek: First Contact. She also appeared in the 2005 documentary Trekkies 2. Fatjo was once engaged to Max Grodénchik and is married to Arlee Reed.

Bashir 62 hologram guest 12

Fatjo in "What You Leave Behind"

Fatjo appears in the background of Vic's Las Vegas Lounge as a holographic guest in "What You Leave Behind". Her name appeared on a Starbase 32 directory; see Lolita Fatjo (Starfleet).

Fatjo has performed as Prinadora in "The Ferengi Family Hour" with Grodénchik, Aron Eisenberg, and Chase Masterson at conventions. This includes singing, acting, dancing, and the performance of an unfilmed scene from "Change of Heart" in which Prinadora comes to Deep Space 9 to get Rom back. [1]

Star Trek credits[]

  • TNG:
    • Season 6 – Pre-Production Associate (26 episodes)
    • Season 7 – Pre-Production Associate (26 episodes)

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