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The London Kings, also known simply as the Kings, were a professional baseball team that played on Earth. They were a Major League Baseball team as early as 2015, and a part of the Planetary Baseball League by 2025. (DS9 Season 1 production art)

In 2015, rookie Buck Bokai joined as shortstop, and bolstered the Kings' performance that year. (DS9: "Past Tense, Part II")

In 2025, they once again acquired Bokai from Seibu as the third baseman. He was the Planetary League's greatest hitter for 2025 and 2026. In 2026, Bokai broke Joe DiMaggio's consecutive hitting record. (TNG: "The Big Goodbye"; DS9: "If Wishes Were Horses"; DS9 Season 1 production art)

Bokai stayed with the Kings for seventeen years, leading them to the World Series at least twice, in 2032 and 2042. (DS9: "If Wishes Were Horses"; VOY: "One Small Step")

In 2381, the Kings were defeated by the Buffalo Solar Knights in the first game of the ELDS. Later, Sam Rutherford suggested to D'Vana Tendi that they could attend a Kings game after visiting Sisko's in New Orleans. (LD: "Grounded")

In 2399, several large signs featuring the logo of the London Kings were displayed on a building in the Greater Boston area. (PIC: "Remembrance")

Bokai's 2025 London stats
117 449 87 175 33 9 24 118 15 .390

It is unknown if the team was based out of London in the United Kingdom or based out of London, Ontario, Canada. It is possible, however, that baseball becomes a more global game in Star Trek, given that the Kings play in the Planetary Baseball League. The novel Federation mentions that the London Kings play at Battersea Stadium in London.

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