Lonzak was a holodeck character in The Adventures of Captain Proton. He served as a henchman and head of defense for Doctor Chaotica, ruler of the cosmos.

During one holodeck adventure, he attacked Captain Proton played by Tom Paris, and stated that he had escaped from a den of crocodiles. Paris would later shoot him. Later, when the program was mistaken by photonic lifeforms as being a true representation of the space they entered, he captured the aliens and took them to Doctor Chaotica. At first Chaotica was angry with him for allowing Proton to escape and ordered Satan's Robot to imprison Lonzak for his incompetence, but changed his mind when Lonzak informed Chaotica about his prisoners from the "fifth dimension." Lonzak later became a victim of Queen Arachnia's pheromones and fell in love with her. Unfortunately Kathryn Janeway, who portrayed the Queen, knocked him unconscious. (VOY: "Bride of Chaotica!")

Lonzak appeared again by Chaotica's side in 2377, when Voyager was separated into several different timeframes. When Chakotay and a past Captain Janeway were attempting to save the ship, one of the timeframes they entered played host to Captain Proton again. Unable to deactivate the program, the two were captured by Lonzak, who initially prepared to execute them. However, Chakotay and Janeway "convinced" Lonzak and Chaotica of a "greater threat", aliens from the Eighth Dimension. Although Chaotica and Lonzak laughed at first, because "everyone" knew there were only five dimensions, they were convinced when they were presented with a piece of Voyager's bioneural gel packs as "proof". Chaotica then injected one of the packs with the EMH's chroniton serum and released the two. (VOY: "Shattered")

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