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Loot Crate, Inc. is an American subscription box marketing and distribution company that is based in Pasadena, California. Founded in May 2012 by Matthew Arevalo and Chris Davis, it markets its entertainment products to thirty-five countries worldwide. [1]

Star Trek releasesEdit

The company has released a number of Star Trek novelty items within a number of its monthly crates. Many of these items were later included in the Bonus Crate detailed below.

Star Trek Mission Crate releasesEdit

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In September 2017, the company announced that it was introducing a licensed bi-monthly Star Trek-themed subscription box product line, in partnership with Quantum Mechanix (QMx). Some QMx items are also retailed by QMx's online webshop and are sold by other retailers.

Six crates were planned and a metal desktop replica of a starship was slated to be sent as a gift premium to customers who have subscribed to the entire series. [2]

Production delays have plagued this line and only the first three crates have reached subscribers, arriving months behind schedule.

In a January 2019 message to subscribers, the company apologized for the numerous delays and announced that the line would be discontinued after "all outstanding" crates are shipped to customers during the first half of the year. The release status of the gift premium (metal USS Enterprise) will be updated later. [3]

Bonus Crate – December 2017Edit

Due to unforeseen production issues, the first crate was delayed and a small "Bonus Crate" (containing previously-released Loot Crate Trek novelty items) was sent to subscribers as a gift.

Mission 001: Wolf 359 – March 2018Edit

The cardboard crate has the Galileo shuttlecraft's outer hull markings and interior printed on it.

Mission 002: Way of the Warrior – August 2018Edit

Mission 003: Dark Frontier – January 2019Edit

Mission 004: TBAEdit

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Mission 005: TBAEdit

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Mission 006: TBAEdit

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