Lord Burleigh was a character in Captain Janeway's holodeck program Janeway Lambda one. He was a widower who hired Lucille Davenport (played by Janeway herself) to be governess to his two children, Beatrice and Henry. Lord Burleigh was concealing some secret concerning his dead wife and placed restrictions on what and where Lucie could do and go. Davenport wanted to know what was going on in the house and why she was not allowed to visit the fourth floor. He refused to answer her questions. He was also amazed when she told him that his daughter Beatrice was able to compose and play music on the piano.

When he and Lucie became involved, the children disapproved. But he pursued the relationship, inviting Lucie to tea, where he gave her a passionate kiss. He told her that he loved her. (VOY: "Cathexis", "Persistence of Vision")

Lord Burleigh was played by Michael Cumpsty.
Since his son held the courtesy title of Viscount Timmons and his daughter was Lady Beatrice, Lord Burleigh's title was either "The Earl Burleigh" or "The Marquess Burleigh" (since Burleigh was the family name, "of" would probably not have been used). [1]

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