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Lori Lively (born 9 November 1966; age 53) played Siana in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Shadows and Symbols" in 1998.

Lively's first acting appearance came in the 1986 motion picture Night of the Creeps. Star Trek: The Next Generation and DS9 guest star Dick Miller also starred in the movie.

She was one of several Star Trek stars to appear in the 1992 television movie Grand Tour: Disaster in Time. Others included George Murdock, Nicholas Guest, Emilia Crow, Time Winters, and Mimi Craven.

In 1998, Lively appeared in Free Enterprise. William Shatner starred, as did Thomas Hobson, who played the young Jake Sisko in "Emissary".

In 2001's The Ghost she starred with DS9 guest stars Matt McKenzie and Sidney Liufau, as well as Star Trek: Voyager guest star Brad Dourif.

Lively made her first television guest-starring appearance in the Falcon Crest episode "Time Bomb". Robert Foxworth was a regular on the show and Jonathan Frakes appeared in eleven episodes. "Time Bomb" starred DS9 and VOY guest star Terrence Evans. In 2003, Lively guest starred in the ER episode "Dear Abby" with another DS9 guest star, Lilyan Chauvin. TNG guest stars Rhonda Aldrich and Scott Grimes also appeared in the episode.

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