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A group of lawless teens, exiled on a mining colony outside Federation space, discover a derelict Starfleet ship. Dal must gather an unlikely crew for their newfound ship if they are going to escape Tars Lamora, but the Diviner and his daughter Gwyn have other plans. (Series premiere)


Act I[]

In the Tars Lamora prison colony located in the depths of the Delta Quadrant, a prisoner, Dal R'El, is taking note of the timing of the mining machinery in the hope that he can utilize it to eventually escape, when he sees a mysterious figure off in the distance watching him. On a second glance, the figure has disappeared, and when Dal asks the others around him if they saw the figure, no one understands him, as translators are banned in the colony. Dal returns to work when an artificial lifeform, Drednok, approaches him, and asks if he has seen an escaped prisoner he calls "Fugitive Zero". Dal recognizes the figure in the hologram that Drednok is holding as the figure he thought he saw earlier, but denies knowing the figure's whereabouts, giving him some snark in his responses. Drednok, unamused, grabs Dal, and realizes that Dal is lying about having seen Zero and is about to hurt him, when Zero, who has watched the entire debacle, sabotages the nearby manacle antenna and causes a massive explosion. Drednok catches a glimpse of Zero as they make their escape, and he sends his Watchers after them. As this happens, Dal's security anklet loses power and drops off, and Dal seizes the opportunity and attempts to run.

As Dal runs through the mines, he tries to ask the other prisoners how to escape, but no one can understand him. As he makes his way through the tunnels, avoiding the Watchers, he accidentally bumps into a Brikar, causing them to spill their food all over themselves. When the Brikar roars in anger at Dal, it gets the Watchers' attention, making Dal continue to run. He is eventually cornered on a ledge, but before the Watchers reach him, he leaps off, having timed the machinery well enough so that he would land on a platform upon jumping. As he gloats about his success, one of the Watchers shoots the chain that the platform is supported by, and Dal drops to the ground. He lands near by a Class D loader that a Tellarite is working on, and he hijacks it, starting a brief chase with the Watchers. While he manages to evade them and makes it to the outskirts of the colony, before he can make his escape, the power to the gravity chute he is riding on is cut, making him fall just short of a successful escape.

Act II[]

A Kazon ship lands outside the colony and a Vau N'Akat named Gwyn greets the pilot. The Kazon has a young Caitian child with him, and he apologizes for his delayed arrival, telling them that he has already found every criminal and orphan in this part of the quadrant. As compensation, he offers the Caitian he brought to them for half price, which Drednok agrees to. Before Gwyn completes the transaction, however, she angrily tells the Kazon that if he ever brings them such a young child again, he will be working in the mines instead. The Kazon is infuriated by Gwyn's threat and leaves, leaving the Caitian with them. Drednok warns Gwyn that while she is gifted in being able to translate multiple languages, she is not allowed to speak for her father, The Diviner, in his place. Gwyn expresses confusion as to why she is tasked to translating when Drednok's own programming is able to translate the languages as well, and he only tells her to have trust, as the Diviner has a plan for her. Gwyn only gets more frustrated as the Diviner has never told her any details of this plan.

Gwyn is summoned to the Diviner, her father, who is kept in a chamber of fluid. She begins a telepathic conversation with him and asks if her negotiations with the Kazon upset him. The Diviner responds that while he is aware of her care for The Unwanted, he summoned her to ask her about the prisoner Dal. She says that his species is unknown to them, and that while his abilities are few, he is mildly intelligent. Drednok believes Dal to be in league with Fugitive Zero, and the Diviner asks how tolerant he is to pain. Gwyn assures her father that painful interrogation will not be necessary and asks to be allowed to question him. The Diviner warns her that as long as Fugitive Zero is free, they run the risk of inspiring hope among the Unwanted, which would be detrimental to their plan. He also reminds her that they are the last of their kind, and that in the future, it will be Gwyn's responsibility to determine their future. He grants her permission to question Dal, but tells her that if she is unsuccessful, they will resort to alternative methods. When Gwyn leaves, Drednok asks the Diviner why he is hiding their true intentions from her. He responds that he's been hiding what they're searching for as he does not want to run the risk of the Federation influencing her in a way that would impede his plans. He then instructs Drednok to aid Gwyn in her plans with Dal, but if they are unsuccessful, to take over with his own methods.

Dal has been imprisoned and is trying to pry off a grate when he hears a voice noting that he never gives up. Dal is shocked to hear someone speaking his language, and asks who they are, and what sector they come from, but his questions are unanswered, as the voice simply notes that they are all prisoners there. Dal remains confident that he will escape, and the voice notes that he is special in that he is the only prisoner of the colony who still believes he can escape. Dal once more asks who they are, and the voice replies that they're someone who is curious, and in need of a little hope. At that moment, Dal's cell opens, and Dal comes face to face with Watchers, who escort him out of the cell. As they leave, Dal looks into the neighboring cell, but is surprised that nobody occupies it.

Dal is brought to a room with Gwyn, and she gives him some honey lychee as she asks him about his recent escape attempt. Dal responds that he hadn't entirely thought out his escape plan, and that he merely seized an opportunity that he saw. Gwyn then suspects that Dal and Fugitive Zero are in "cat boots" with one another, since Zero's act of sabotage took place at the same time Dal tried to escape. Dal gives some snarky responses, but Gwyn tells him that if he helps her find Fugitive Zero, the Diviner will free him. Dal then says that if she gets him passage on the Kazon vessel, he will tell her all about Fugitive Zero. However, as Dal refers to Zero as a "him", Gwyn clarifies that as Zero is Medusan, they are neither a he or she. Learning that Zero is Medusan, and therefore telepathic, Dal is surprised to realize that the voice he heard in his cell was Zero. However, this surprise also reveals to Gwyn that Dal knows nothing about Fugitive Zero and has him taken away. Dal then tells her that he heard Zero in his cell and is confident that he can find them. Gwyn gives him a day to locate Fugitive Zero, and if he's unsuccessful, he will be turned over to Drednok. She then reveals the last known location of Fugitive Zero, the Northwest Crevasse. While Dal is small for the deep core mining operations that happen there, Gwyn is confident that Dal can find his way there.

Dal is later partnered with the very same Brikar that he ran into previously. While he's not enthusiastic about being partnered with them, he attempts to communicate with them by drawing a series of pictures, offering to help them escape the prison if they help him find Fugitive Zero. The Brikar, visibly unconvinced, simply tosses some mining gear at Dal. Dal tries to talk more, and throws a rock at them, accidentally hitting them in the head. Angered at this, the Brikar charges Dal, causing him to accidentally discharge the mining equipment into the ceiling of the cave they're in. The laser cuts through the rock, causing a collapse of the mine around them. Pinned underneath the heavy equipment he holds; a huge boulder begins to plummet towards him. Dal is nearly crushed, but at the least minute, the Brikar positions themselves over Dal and takes the brunt of the collapse.

They both survive the collapse and find that the boulder that fell on them is actually a huge geode. Dal is overwhelmed by the amount of crystals surrounding them, realizing that there is more than enough there for him to likely buy his freedom aboard the Kazon ship. However, the Brikar's attention is drawn to something else. They divert Dal's attention from the crystals to a gleaming starship that is resting among the crystal formations. They both approach the ship and manage to get a door open for entry. They ponder how the ship got here and where the crew is, as they wander the dark corridors.

They make their way to the bridge, and while they continue to look around, the Brikar comes upon a combadge and presses it. The ship begins to power up, much to their surprise, and when Dal asks them what they pressed, they respond that they didn't press anything. They're taken aback when they realize they can understand one another now, and Dal is a bit surprised to learn that the Brikar is actually a girl much younger than himself. She introduces herself as Rok-Tahk, and then both realize that they've activated some kind of translator. Dal is confident the ship may potentially be used to help them escape, and as Rok-Tahk asks how such a ship managed to get here in the first place, Zero, who has been watching them the entire time, enters the bridge and responds that the more important question is how they will get it out of there.

Act III[]

Dal immediately recognizes Zero for who they are, though Rok-Tahk confuses them for a robot, due to the crudely constructed containment suit they inhabit. Zero clarifies that they must wear the suit to protect corporeal lifeforms from seeing their true form lest they go insane. Dal asks Zero why they've been following him, and Zero talks about how they used to have the same kind of hope that Dal has. They also reveal that when they were captured, they were weaponized for the Diviner, who used them to torture prisoners into being mindless slaves. Zero admits that while they could read the minds of everyone else, they could not read the mind of the Diviner, and that they could only sense a "dark purpose" and that he was searching for something. Dal realizes that the Diviner was searching for the ship they've stumbled upon. Zero mentions that the ship could serve as their way out of the prison, and Rok-Tahk enthuses that they could save the other miners as well. Dal is more skeptical and is worried that if the secret gets out that they found the ship, they will not be able to save anyone. He asks Zero if the three of them would be enough to get the ship out, and Zero responds that the ship's size would require at least twenty crewmembers, or depending on species, thirty-seven appendages. Knowing that's too many to keep the ship's existence a secret, Dal asks how many could at least get the ship to fly. Zero responds that due to the ship's state of disrepair, they at least need to find an engineer, and Dal says he knows someone who can help.

They find the Tellarite, who refers to himself in the third person as Jankom Pog as he is repairing the damage that Dal did to his loader, and when Dal approaches with Rok-Tahk, Jankom is surprised when they easily understand one another. Dal tells him of the ship they found and say that they need his help to get it flying. Jankom laughs at the statement, saying that even if they did escape, it won't be easy out in space. Rok-Tahk finds it odd that Jankom likes to argue so much, though Dal tells her that Tellarites are known for their love of arguing. They then use this approach and tell Jankom that they were not thinking right, believing that they could escape, causing Pog to say that if they came across a ship, they would be crazy not to use it. Rok-Tahk also says that Jankom likely wouldn't know how to fix it, causing Jankom to say that he can fix anything. When they ask why they would want an engineer who does nothing but argue with them, Jankom responds that having counter opinions is valuable, as they can be useful, or even life-saving. They ask if they should have him, and Jankom accepts, saying they are stuck with him.

They take him to the ship, and Jankom takes extreme interest in Zero's containment suit before looking at the ship's systems. Dal asks if he can get it ready to fly, and Jankom responds that he can have it ready to fly in a week. Dal asks if it can be ready by the end of the day, making Rok-Tahk ask why he's in such a rush to leave. Zero responds that Dal made a deal with Gwyn to turn Zero in by the end of the day, or suffer greatly, reminding Dal that Zero is telepathic. Rok-Tahk takes issue with why Dal would lie to them about this, though Dal insists that he wasn't lying, and couldn't lie since they never understood each other until they found the ship.

Gwyn is with the Caitian orphan, talking to her about how much she values the culture of language, when Drednok enters her chambers, asking if she knows where Dal is. She responds that he is searching for Zero in the Northwest Crevasse, though Drednok responds that Dal is no longer there.

On the bridge of the ship, Dal is "motivating" Jankom as he continues to work on the ship's systems when Rok-Tahk excitedly enters the bridge, saying they found someone who will go with them. Dal at first is nervous that she revealed their secret to the prison, but Rok-Tahk shows a colorful gelatinous lifeform that she has named Murf, eager to hear what he has to say, though the universal translator is unsuccessful in translating Murf's vocalizations. Zero then senses that Watchers are heading in their direction, likely tracking their monitors. Zero looks to Dal and says that he's a survivor and asks to help them survive. Dal tasks Jankom with getting the ship ready by the end of the day and has Rok-Tahk follow him.

They leave the geode, and Rok-Tahk gives him a bucket full of chimerium crystals as Gwyn and Drednok approach their position. Dal tells Rok-Tahk to conceal the entrance and approaches Gwyn, expressing surprise at seeing them there. Gwyn is surprised to see him with so many crystals, and Dal says that he was making progress on finding Zero before stumbling upon the crystals. Gwyn asks if he is hiding anything, and that he needs to be honest if he is, but Dal remains steadfast that he's being truthful. Drednok then decides that Gwyn's approach is no longer working and has Dal seized, ordering the Watchers to take him to work the prison's outer rim. As the outer rim is hazardous to anyone working it, with survival being highly unlikely, Gwyn says that Dal is their best chance to find Zero. Drednok only responds that her father gave the order for him to take this approach.

Act IV[]

Rok-Tahk runs back to the ship and tells everyone that Dal has been taken to the outer rim. Zero knows that there's a good chance that Dal may not survive, and to be safe, they should come up with a backup plan for their escape but remains hopeful that Dal will make it out.

On the surface, Dal is working with other prisoners when Gwyn contacts him, expressing sympathy for his situation. She asks him to talk about the cluster of stars that he last saw when he was in detention, which he called the Window of Dreams. He says he's unsure how to describe the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. As they talk, the ground around them behind to rupture and break apart. The prisoners all scramble for their lives, and Dal manages to escape when the manacle antenna is destroyed, and he severs his anklet. However, he doesn't realize that this escape was a deliberate ruse by Drednok and Gwyn to get Dal to lead them to Zero.

Dal arrives back on the ship, much to the surprise of the others. Jankom says that the ship will fly, but as the shields are disabled, Zero would need to plot a perfect course for them to escape. Dal takes it upon himself to fix the shields, but as they start working, Gwyn finds them, and confirms her suspicions that Dal and Zero were working together. She is surprised, however, at the sight of the starship, and Dal notes how she always wanted to see the stars. As he believes the ship will result in a better life for them, he invites her to join them, but Gwyn says that it's too late for any of them. At that moment, dozens of Watchers surround the ship, and Drednok congratulates Gwyn, delighted that not only did Dal led them to Zero, but also the ship which he identifies as the USS Protostar. Gwyn is taken aback when it's apparent that Drednok knew about the ship's presence, and Drednok asks her what she thought her father was mining for all this time. The Watchers detain the prisoners, and Drednok tells Gwyn to search the ship and make sure there are no other Unwanted on-board.

As the ship is searched, Dal tries to send Zero a telepathic message. Zero mentions they don't find his plan that great, as he wants to take Gwyn as a hostage. Rok-Tahk agrees the plan is terrible, though Jankom thinks the plan is excellent, and immediately attacks a nearby Watcher with his multi-mitt. They run to the ship as Drednok orders the Watchers not to let them escape.

Zero, Rok-Tahk, and Jankom make their way to the bridge where they run into Gwyn, asking her to keep calm. Gwyn instead forms a sword out of the metal wrapped around her arm and begins to fight the three, easily fending for herself. However, as the Watchers close in on the Protostar, still firing, the Diviner telepathically tells Drednok not to damage the ship. Drednok orders the Watchers to cease fire, but the Watchers have inadvertently damaged the crystal formations holding the ship in place. The crystals crumble, and the Protostar begins to slide down a cliff face. This throws off Gwyn's fight on the bridge, and shortly afterward, the ship falls off the cliff. Drednok rushes to the edge of the cliff to see if the ship has survived, but shortly afterward, the Protostar flies past him, as Zero has successfully avoided a crash. The Protostar enters the mine, much to the surprise of the other miners, though they all cheer as the ship flies past them.

The Watchers continue to pursue the Protostar, and as Gwyn is tied to the captain's chair, Zero finds themselves having to quickly learn to pilot the ship through the narrow corridors of the mine. The hull starts to take on damage as the ship collides with the walls, and Dal struggles to repair the shields outside. He begs to be let in, but they say he needs to fix the shields before they let him in. As Dal locates the manifold to bring the shields online, Drednok, having managed to get on the exterior of the ship, approaches him. While the two confront one another, Zero continues to maneuver through the mine, locating a drainage corridor that should lead them to the surface.

Dal nearly succeeds in bringing the shields back online, but Drednok stops him at the last moment. As he's about to kill him, Dal sends a telepathic message to Zero to turn the ship sharply. The sudden maneuver frees Dal from Drednok's grip and gives Dal enough time to fight the inertia they are in to bring the shields online. Drednok nearly impales Dal mere moments before the shields activate, protecting Dal from Drednok's attack. Without the hull to secure himself to, Drednok slips off the ship, and Dal is finally let inside. With the exit in sight, the Protostar flies towards it.

Drednok, having survived the fall, transforms into a massive cannon. The Diviner once again warns him not to damage the Protostar, but Drednok instead shoots the exit that the Protostar is headed towards, caving in the opening. As Jankom confirms that the shields will not protect the Protostar from a full collision, and Zero has not yet learned how to stop, Dal ponders firing the ship's torpedoes. However, when they are uncertain as to if they even have torpedoes, he tells them to find the "pew-pew-pew button." They are unable to find one and brace for an impending collision, but before they hit, Murf falls from the ceiling onto a nearby console, activating the ship's targeting sensors and phasers. The Protostar auto targets and lances out multiple phaser beams from the upper phaser array, destroying all debris in its path and successfully escapes the mine, heading out into space.

They all gaze in astonishment as they see the stars for the first time, including Gwyn, before Dal officially welcomes Murf to the crew. He then tells Zero to plot a course. When Zero asks where they should go, Dal is unsure how to answer, as he never realized there were so many stars before. Gwyn scornfully tells him that he obviously hasn't thought that far ahead yet, but Rok-Tahk assures him that they will help him figure something out. When she says "help" however, a female voice asks "Did someone ask for help?" A hologram of Starfleet Captain Kathryn Janeway activates and introduces herself as their training advisor, Hologram Janeway. She welcomes them aboard, and asks how she can be of assistance, as the others gape at her in surprise.

Back on Tars Lamora, Drednok returns to the Diviner's chamber to see that he has broken out of his confinement. While the Diviner recovers, he glares at Drednok and angrily demands to get his ship.

Memorable quotes[]

"Five, four, three… My ticket outta here."

- Dal R'El, timing his escape (first spoken line of the series)

"Rubble Crusher Outlet? It probably sounds worse than it is. … Ah! Ah! It's worse! It's so much worse!"

- Dal

"No one. (chuckles) No one shall escape."

- The Diviner, thwarting Dal's attempt at escape

"How well do you know this prisoner, Dal R'El?"
"I know his species is… unknown. He's mildly intelligent, but his abilities… are few. He talks a lot."
"I need him to talk. My advisor believes he may be working with Fugitive Zero. How is his tolerance to pain?"
"Forgive me, Our Diviner. That won't be necessary. I can get him to talk, but I need time."
"Time? Every moment that Fugitive Zero stays at large gives the Unwanted hope, and hope has no purpose here."
"I should never have questioned you."

- The Diviner and Gwyn

"I know you'd do anything to get out of here. 'Fess up. You two are in cat boots."
"…Ha ha ha!"
"What's so funny?"
"Cat boots? You mean cahoots?"

- Gwyn and Dal

"What did you do? What did you press?"
"I didn't press anything! I- I… I understand you!"
"And you're not a big fella, you're- you're a…"
"Not what I thought."

- Dal and Rok-Tahk, after the latter activates the Protostar's universal translator

"How did a ship this size get inside here?"
"The more important question… how do we get it out?"

- Rok-Tahk and Zero

"I built this containment suit, because if any corporeal being were to lay eyes on my true self, you would go mad."
"You built that… really?"
"Try to build one without any hands. I think I did a fine job."

- Zero and Dal

"Oh-ho-ho-ho, great. Mr. Pain-In-My-Tail-Butt is back to wreck my loader again. And he's found the only thing denser than him."
"What if this 'Pain-In-Your-Tail-Butt' told you there's a way off this rock?"
"Oh, whoa! You understand Jankom Pog? Wait, Jankom Pog understands you? How?"
"It's a translator."
"A magic translator."

- Jankom Pog, Dal and Rok-Tahk

"You're right. He does argue everything."
"He's Tellarite. That's what they do."

- Rok-Tahk and Dal on Jankom

"I know it sounds like nonsense. But every language is a window into a new culture. It's hard to believe how many are out there."

- Gwyn to the Caitian child

"Remember last time in detention? You told me about that cluster of stars. What were they called?"
"The Window of Dreams. How do you describe the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?"

- Gwyn and Dal

"You survived!"
"Of course, I survived. Why do you all look so surprised? Wait, were you gonna leave without me?"
"Uhhh… no?"
"Your chance of return was low. Our desire to leave remained high."
"I can be offended later."

- Rok-Tahk, Dal, Jankom, and Zero

"I knew you were in cat boots."
"Well, I wasn't, but then I was. But then I wasn't again."

- Gwyn and Dal

"It appears we are fighting now." (Tries to punch a Watcher but fails) "Or not."

- Zero

"Found the right button. We should probably make a note of it."

- Zero

"Left! No, your other left! Have you ever even flown a ship before?!"
"No! Does it show?"

- Jankom and Zero

"There goes our exit."
"We're gonna crash! Can we stop?"
"Unfortunately, I haven't learned that yet."
"Great, and now we're all gonna die."
"Not yet. We just gotta fire the torpedoes."
"Do we have torpedoes?!"
"Then the pew-pew-pew button!"
"I don't see a pew-pew-pew button!"
"Just hit 'em all, until it goes 'pew pew!'"

- Jankom, Rok-Tahk, Zero, Gwyn and Dal

"Woo! We got phasers, baby!"

- Jankom

"Did someone ask for help? I am Hologram Janeway, your training advisor for exploring the greater galaxy. On behalf of Starfleet, welcome aboard. How can I be of assistance?"

- Hologram Janeway

"Get… me… my SHIP!"

- The Diviner

Background information[]


  • The title was announced at New York Comic Con as "Lost & Found" on 10 October 2021[1], but according to the end credits it is simply "Lost and Found", stylized in all-capital letters. The title is furthermore presented on Paramount+ as "Lost & Found, Part 1 & 2".
  • This episode uses a brief title card in place of the full title sequence, which had previously been released online on August 31, 2021, and was instead shown as part of the ending credits. [2]


  • This is the first episode of Star Trek: Prodigy, and the first uncut, back-to-back, two-part episode since ENT: "Broken Bow".
  • For the first time in franchise history, Gene Roddenberry is credited at the end of the closing credits.
  • Accompanying promotional material for the episode included Star Trek: Prodigy Explained: Universal Translators with Brett Gray [3] and Set a Course with Kate Mulgrew focused on the lesson of perseverance. [4]


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active tracking; aft; AIS; antimatter; blast zone; body; centimeter; channel; cluster; coordinate; diagnostic tool; EVA hatch; flight controls; flowchart; fore; frequency; fuel; graph; guidance system; impulse engine; kilo; kilometer; life support system; live data; log editor; maximal velocity (aka Vmax); oxygen; oxygen sensor; planet tracker; phaser; polarized hull plating; propulsion system; power beam; pulse cannon; RCS thrusters; reset; scan; sensor; readout; shields; schematic; selector; short range sensor analysis; speed; system check; target; targeting system; thruster; torpedo bay; transwarp; turbine; type 6 photon torpedo; wake; warhead; warp core; warp factor; warp speed; warp speed power graph; weight; yield

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intertitle; slow motion

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