Louis was a male Human scientist in the 24th century. He was an old friend of the Picard family, especially Jean-Luc Picard.

Once he went on a cycling trip with the Bloom sisters and broke his leg on the trip; he later married both of the sisters. He was still married to one of them in 2367. Picard described Louis as a "rotten swimmer".

Louis spent a period of time in the field of hydroponics. He left, jokingly calling it "dull." Louis then worked on the New Atlantis Project extensively. In 2367, he became one of 200 supervisors on the project.

When he reunited with Picard in 2367, Louis encouraged him to consider leading the project, given his interest. He even arranged a meeting with government officials for him, but ultimately Picard cancelled the meeting and declined the offer. (TNG: "Family")

Louis, who was not given a last name, was played by Dennis Creaghan.
The Pocket TNG novel, Starfall, gives Louis' last name as Blanchard.
According to the short story Solace in Bloom, Louis never married the Bloom sisters, as they were just a "youthful obsession". Instead, he married a woman named Patrice and had a daughter named Sophie. In the story, Louis is tortured by a Vorta who believes the Atlantis Project is a research base that will be used to launch surprise attacks on the Dominion.

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