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Louise Dorton is a set designer and art director. Under her maiden name Louise Nielsen, she worked on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: The Next Generation. She began working as a set designer on Star Trek: Voyager, taking over the role almost entirely for the second season of the show. By the fourth season, she had become the art director of the show, a role that continued into Star Trek: Enterprise for all four seasons. She also worked on set design for Star Trek: Klingon.

Her name can be seen on set artwork in the TNG episodes "Violations" and "All Good Things...". She was also the inspiration for two character names on dedication plaques, Louise Dorton and L. Dorton. Also, in the Enterprise episode "Shuttlepod One", the Kentucky whiskey bottle that Malcolm Reed and Trip Tucker are drinking from was labeled Dorton's Best.

She was the assistant art director on Evan Almighty and the art director for additional photography on Disturbia. Most recently, she has worked as the set designer for the TV show Dirty Sexy Money and art director for Cold Case.

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