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Loulie Jean Norman (12 March 19132 August 2005; age 92) was the soprano who sang the wordless accompaniment to the theme music of Star Trek: The Original Series. Her voice can also be heard in eerie music that accompanies the Talosians' illusions in "The Cage", also composed by Alexander Courage. This music cue was recycled to accompany: reused footage of "The Cage" in "The Menagerie, Part II"; one of the 1930 scenes featuring McCoy in "The City on the Edge of Forever"; a seance in "Wolf in the Fold"; Nona's treatment of Kirk from a Mugato bite in "A Private Little War"; and multiple scenes in "This Side of Paradise", including one where Spock is first possessed by spores.

Norman's singing voice can be heard in several films. She was a background singer in the 1954 film Brigadoon and the 1955 film The Prodigal. She was also the singing voice for Diahann Carroll's Clara in the 1959 Porgy and Bess, which starred Brock Peters.

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