Luisa Kim was a Human biosphere designer in the United Federation of Planets' Terraform Command in the 24th century.

From 2360 to 2364, she was stationed on the terraforming station Velara Base on the planet Velara III along with three other terraformers. She was quite proud of her work and described herself as the "Gardener of Edens." Counselor Deanna Troi described Kim as possessing a highly abstracted reality with lovely visions and little data.

During a visit by the USS Enterprise-D in 2364, Kim took it upon herself to give them a tour of their facility, and through the phases of their mission. She was later upset to learn that their attempt to create a new world was in fact destroying the habitat of an indigenous inorganic lifeform, and of it being excluded from the other team members' original findings. (TNG: "Home Soil")

Luisa Kim was played by actress Elizabeth Lindsey. spells her name as "Louisa".
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