Luma Rahl was an alias assumed by Kira Nerys when she traveled back in time from 2374 to 2346, using the Orb of Time, to investigate Dukat's claim that he and her mother, Kira Meru, were lovers. As Luma, Kira was taken to Terok Nor as a "comfort woman" for the Cardassians. She became friends with Meru, and learned that Dukat's claims seemed to be true. Luma broke off the friendship with Meru because of what she perceived as Meru's collaboration with the Cardassians.

"Luma" was taken to the ore processing center after failing to show the proper respect. There, she made contact with members of the Bajoran Resistance and volunteered to use her friendship with Meru to try to assassinate Dukat. Kira visited her mother and apologized for her earlier behavior and asked that they be friends again. Meru agreed and arranged quarters for her close by. Kira planted a Bajoran earring made of ultritium resin in Dukat's quarters, but changed her mind after seeing Meru's reaction at a message from her husband. Kira warned Dukat and Meru about the bomb, and vanished after the bomb exploded. (DS9: "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night")

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