Mr. Lurry was the station manager of Deep Space Station K-7 in 2268.

In that year, while Nilz Baris was having a shipment of quadrotriticale stored on his station, Lurry issued a priority one distress call per Baris' orders. When Captain Kirk answered the call, Lurry summoned Kirk to the station so he could explain his reason for doing so in person. He asked Kirk to send over some security officers to guard the grain from Klingon agents who intended to sabotage the grain shipment. Kirk agreed, placing the guards temporarily under Lurry's purview.

When the USS Enterprise detected a Klingon Bird-of-Prey outside the station, Kirk ordered that Lurry be notified. Lurry then answered the hail, explaining that he didn't think the ship would attack as its captain was currently in his office. He was unable to refuse a Klingon party from boarding the station for peaceful shore leave, as this right fell under the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty.

After finding the Enterprise to be awash in tribbles, he ordered Nyota Uhura to contact Lurry and have him locate and hold Cyrano Jones so that he could question him about the tribbles' reproduction.

Upon realizing that K-7 likely had air vents in the storage compartments that were similar to those on Enterprise, which would grant the hungry tribbles access to the quadrotriticale, Kirk ordered that Lurry and Baris be told to meet Kirk and Spock near the compartments.

Before departing the station, Kirk promised Jones that he'd speak to Lurry about returning Jones' spaceship to him if he retrieved every tribble on K-7. (TOS: "The Trouble with Tribbles"; DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations")

Mr. Lurry was played by actor Whit Bissell.
He was given the first name John in the short story The Last Tribble.

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