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Luther Hughes is a musician who appeared in six episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the holographic bass player in Vic Fontaine's band. He received no on-screen credits for his appearances.

Hughes said in an interview that he and Gene Harris did a performance in a local club that Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig attended. He introduced himself and found out that Visitor is a fan of his and she told him about the upcoming Deep Space Nine episode "His Way" in which she would sing the song "Fever". Hughes, a long-time Trekkie, accepted the invitation to join this episode and also appeared in five more episodes.

Allan Kroeker commented: "Composer Jay Chattaway used local jazz legends like Pete Christlieb on tenor, and the on-set musicians were not just extras, they were jazz stars, like bass man Luther Hughes, with whom I was in contact for years after". [1]


Hughes was born in Cincinnati, has worked as a bass player for over thirty years and has also worked as a teacher for music students. He studied at the University of Cincinnati, the Long Beach City College, and the California State University. As a professional jazz bass player he performed for some of the biggest names in the business and has also performed in big bands and for pop, country, and rock musicians.

Hughes has played for and in a number of television shows such as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and The Pat Sajak Show. Occasionally he has worked as conductor and musical director for a few programs. Hughes hosted two radio programs and his performances can be heard on more than thirty LPs and CDs of various artists, as well as on several solo albums.

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