"We're all scientists here. Learning is kind of in our wheelhouse."
– Lynne Lucero to Edward Larkin, 2250s ("The Trouble with Edward")

Lynne Lucero was a Human female who served as a Federation Starfleet officer during the mid-23rd century.

Sometime after enlisting in Starfleet, Lucero was assigned to the USS Enterprise as a science officer under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. Lucero served aboard the Enterprise for many years until she was promoted to captain and given command of the USS Cabot as her first assignment.

After only two weeks, however, she was forced to order her crew to abandon the Cabot after scientist Edward Larkin violated her orders to not genetically enhance tribbles to accelerate their reproduction, which caused the tribbles to quickly fill the ship and tear it apart from the inside. She later appeared before a board of inquiry investigating the loss of her vessel. (ST: "The Trouble with Edward")

Lynne Lucero was portrayed by Rosa Salazar.
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