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M'Umbha was to have been established as the mother of Uhura in the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode "The Man Trap".

Though deleted from the filmed production, this information was first revealed in the Star Trek Concordance (p. 198), which stated simply, "Uhura's mother, spoken of in the past tense (MT)."

This information can be confirmed in two parts: First, in the 20 June 1966 review of the final draft by de Forest Research, the name was noted, and with it, the review stated, "No conflicts, a personal name." Second, Robert Justman's editing notes from 4 August 1966 of the filmed material (from Reel 4: Footage 58), which apparently featured dialogue between Uhura and Uhura's crewman, stated, "Let's lose the 'I knew your mother' line and get on with the action." This coincides with the Concordance entry, and would imply the line, "I knew your mother," was spoken by Uhura's so-called crewman.

Since the appearance in the Concordance, various guides, including the Star Trek Chronology and have also mentioned M'Umbha.

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