You may also be looking for the type of rifle known as a M1 Garand.

M-1 was the designation for the very first attempt by Richard Daystrom to build a multitronic computer unit capable of imitating Human thought. Daystrom's approach was innovative for the time, but his attempt at producing a multitronic unit failed at first, leading the way for Daystrom to try four more times to construct such a unit.

Daystrom became very bitter about the views of others towards his work on the M-1 and other computers of its class. He felt his colleagues were laughing behind his back and that he was wasting time "giving lectures to rows of fools who couldn't begin to understand" his theories.

After the M-1 through M-4 failed as "not entirely successful", Daystrom successfully built the M-5 multitronic unit; however, that unit, too, malfunctioned and was eventually destroyed. Daystrom suffered a mental breakdown after the failure of his M-5 unit and he was taken into Starfleet custody to receive treatment. (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")