Private M. Romero was one of the MACOs assigned to Enterprise during the Xindi mission and served aboard Enterprise in 2154.

On February 13, 2154, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed asked the MACOs for volunteers to join the mission to board the Xindi weapon. All the MACOs volunteered, so Reed chose Romero, M. Forbes and W. Woods. Romero was fortunate enough to survive. (ENT: "Countdown", "Zero Hour")

Romero was among the MACOs who accompanied Captain Archer to Cold Station 12 and survived the Augment attack. (ENT: "The Augments")

Romero was originally not part of the MACO who beamed down to Cold Station 12 in "Cold Station 12" but appeared due to an editing gaff in the following episode.

The same year, Romero was among the MACO who welcomed the Tellarite ambassadors on board Enterprise. He was also present during the negotiations between Captain Jonathan Archer, Commander Shran, and Ambassador Gral and held back the Tellarite ambassador when the negotiations became more forceful. He later guarded the quarters of the Tellarites and was shot unconscious by an Andorian. (ENT: "Babel One")

M. Romero was portrayed by background extra Yuri Elvin, who received no credit for his performance. In "Countdown" it sounds a bit like Ramira when Reed chose him, but his costume was a re-use of Marco Sanchez's costume who portrayed Corporal M. Romero. Mickey Cassidy was another actor who portrayed a M. Romero.
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