M24 Alpha system was an inhabited planetary system. This system consisted of a trinary sun and the planet Triskelion. This planet was the homeworld of the Providers and the Thralls. M24 Alpha was located some 11.630 light years from the Federation-controlled Gamma system. (TOS: "The Gamesters of Triskelion")

In 2371, the location of M24 Alpha was labeled on the star chart Data and Picard were studying in stellar cartography on the USS Enterprise-D. (Star Trek Generations, okudagram)

The 13 October 1967 review of the script by de Forest Research panned the name M24 Alpha, stating: "Antiquated astronomical nomenclature used letter M to mean magnetic cloud. Such "clouds" have since been proven to be extra-galactic star clusters. And Star Trek Guide says series is not to journey outside our galaxy. A star system would be designated by Greek letter and constellation name (Mu Andro-medae), or by New General Catalogue (NGC) number, or by star name, real or imaginary."
According to Star Trek Maps (p. 27), Triskelion was the second planet in the system.

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