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Some HTML tags can be used when editing Memory Alpha. However, the use of wikitext as described at Editing is recommended wherever possible, as HTML makes the text in the edit box harder to read and more intimidating for new users.

CSS classes (class="classname") can be stored in site stylesheets. Both classes and CSS inline styles (style="color:pink;") can be used with the HTML tags listed below, but note that classes and styles can also be used with many types of wikitext, especially tables, table rows, and cells.

Note: the "background-image" property must use full URLs ("http://whatever.whatever/whatever/filename.ext"), not relative urls beginning with a slash. The URL must be specified in a class in a stylesheet; it will not work if specified inline.

Many of the more complex uses of HTML and CSS can be hidden away in templates where they are less likely to get in the way of the casual editor.

The following HTML tags may be used, as can inline CSS styles:

Wikitext versions

For many HTML elements, more convenient wikitext code is available; for example, <b> can be replaced with a triple ' (''') and <i> with a double '. To achieve both at once, combine the codes for five ticks ('''''). Using the same code again later will close the code. See Wiki markup for more information. On the other hand, HTML tags allow an id that can be referenced in one's user style css, and allows the tag to be used as link target.

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