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In addition to adding individual images to and article, you can also create image galleries. This is an easy way of displaying a large number of images.


The basic syntax of an image gallery is:

File:Memory Alpha.svg
File:Memory Alpha.svg|Captioned
File:Memory Alpha.svg
File:Memory Alpha.svg|[[Memory Alpha:About|Links]] can be put in captions
File:Memory Alpha.svg
File:Memory Alpha.svg|Full {{h|Wiki markup|MediaWiki markup}}<br />syntax may be used…

Which produces:

Notice that there are no brackets except for links within captions. Captions are optional. Images are separated by new lines.

It is also possible to alter the thumbnails' maximum height and width, define how many images should be displayed per row, and specify a header caption for the entire gallery:

  • heights adjusts the maximum height and widths adjusts the maximum width of all thumbnails within a gallery
  • perrow adjusts the number of images per row
  • caption gives the gallery a caption

This example...

<gallery heights="200" widths="200" perrow="2" caption="performing gallery features">
File:Memory Alpha.svg|Caption
File:Memory Alpha.svg|Caption
File:Memory Alpha.svg|Caption
File:Memory Alpha.svg|Caption
</gallery> rendered as...

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