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This page is no longer up to date.

My Tools is a personal customizable toolbox that stays with you everywhere on the Fandom hosting system.


  • My Tools can be found on the collapsible toolbar at the bottom right of every page.
MyTools corner.jpg

  • Click the text and your My Tools menu will appear. By default "history" and "what links here" are already in this menu.
Mytools default menu.png

  • You can also add more links to this menu by clicking on "Edit My Tools".
  • In the popup window you are now able to add more pages to your menu. Start typing the name of the page you want, and it should appear. You can then select the new functionality, save your current tools, and all of your tools will now show in your My Tools box across the entire site. (If some tools require additional rights, which you don't have on a specific wiki, the list will reflect this.)
MyTools popup.png

Special pages you can add to your My Tools

* only available to admins

Type this To get this page in My Tools
All pages Special:AllPages
All pages with prefix Special:PrefixIndex
Block user * Special:Block
Blocked users Special:BlockList
Broken redirects Special:BrokenRedirects
Categories Special:Categories
Category tree Special:CategoryTree
Contact Memory Alpha or Fandom Special:Contact
Create a new page Special:CreatePage
Dead-end pages Special:DeadendPages
Deleted user contributions * Special:DeletedContributions
Double redirects Special:DoubleRedirects
Duplicate images search Special:FileDuplicateSearch
Edit count Special:Editcount
Export pages Special:Export
External links search Special:LinkSearch
File list Special:ListFiles
Import pages * Special:Import
List of redirects Special:ListRedirects
Logs Special:Log
Long pages Special:LongPages
MIME search Special:MIMESearch
Most linked-to categories Special:MostLinkedCategories
Most linked-to images Special:MostLinkedFiles
Most linked-to pages Special:MostLinkedPages
Most transcluded pages Special:MostLinkedTemplates
New images Special:NewFiles
New pages Special:NewPages
Oldest pages Special:AncientPages
Orphaned pages Special:LonelyPages
Pages with the fewest revisions Special:FewestRevisions
Pages with the most categories Special:MostCategories
Pages with the most revisions Special:MostRevisions
Pages without language links Special:WithoutInterwiki
Preferences Special:Preferences
Protected pages Special:ProtectedPages
Protected titles Special:ProtectedTitles
Random page Special:Random
Recent changes Special:RecentChanges
Related changes Special:RecentChangesLinked
Search Special:Search
Short pages Special:ShortPages
Special pages Special:SpecialPages
Statistics Special:Statistics
System messages Special:AllMessages
Tags report Special:TagsReport
Theme designer * Special:ThemeDesigner
Uncategorized categories Special:UncategorizedCategories
Uncategorized images Special:UncategorizedFiles
Uncategorized pages Special:UncategorizedPages
Uncategorized templates Special:UncategorizedTemplates
Unused categories Special:UnusedCategories
Unused files Special:UnusedFiles
Unused templates Special:UnusedTemplates
Unwatched pages * Special:UnwatchedPages
Upload image Special:Upload
User contributions Special:Contributions
User group rights Special:ListGroupRights
User rights * Special:UserRights
Users list Special:ListUsers
Version Special:Version
View deleted pages * Special:Undelete
Wanted categories Special:WantedCategories
Wanted files Special:WantedFiles
Wanted pages Special:WantedPages
Wanted templates Special:WantedTemplates
Watchlist Special:Watchlist
Wiki Configuration Special:WikiConfig