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This feature is no longer available.

The RSS2Wiki extension allows you to add RSS feeds from any site onto a Memory Alpha page. This could be used for news feeds, to show entries from a related blog, or to show recent changes from a related wiki.

Adding an RSS feed

The basic code to add an RSS feed to a page is:

<rss> URL goes here </rss>


There are a number of variables you can add after the URL for the RSS feed. Each is separated by a pipe character ("|") (as in links and templates). The available parameters:

  • charset=: The character set used by the feed. For example, you may need to use UTF-8 to view some characters.
  • short: Do not show the description text for each news item.
  • date: Shows the date/time stamp for each news item.
  • max=: Allows you to choose how many items to show.
  • highlight=term1 term2: The terms added here (each separated by a space) are highlighted.
  • filter=term1 term2: Only RSS items containing at least one of the listed terms are shown.
  • filterout=term1 term2: No RSS items containing the listed terms are shown.
  • reverse: The RSS items are displayed in reverse order

So, for example, to add some Star Trek news to an article, you might use:


This would result in: