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Memory Alpha uses the UTF-8 character encoding for all pages. This allows the greatest flexibility for displaying international characters and other types of special symbols. In general, a wide range of characters is not absolutely necessary for Memory Alpha's purposes, but the option for using additional characters provides greater flexibility for future expansion, for example in adding mathematical formulas and the like.

Displaying articles in browsers

Most modern browsers have the ability to set dynamic fonts depending on the Unicode characters used, provided that the appropriate fonts are installed. You can use the following table to test your browser's ability to display Unicode characters.

Unicode Characters
Unicode (hexadecimal) Description Browser output
A Latin capital "A"  A
ß Latin small sharp "S"  ß
© Copyright sign  ©
Γ Greek capital letter "Gamma"  Γ
з Cyrillic small letter "ze"  з
ה Hebrew letter "he"  ה
ج Arabic letter "jeem"  ج
Ꭴ Cherokee letter "u"  Ꭴ
€ Euro sign  €
⇥ Rightwards arrow to bar  ⇥
か Hiragana letter "ka"  か

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