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Tabview allows for the creation of tabbed tables. JavaScript must be enabled to use this extension.


The basic syntax of the tabview extension is:

<tabview id="id text">
tab 1 link|tab text|cache|active
tab 2 link|tab text|cache|active
tab 3 link|tab text|cache|active
tab 4 link|tab text|cache|active
where "tab x link" is a valid Memory Alpha page name, "tab text" is the (optional) tab text, "cache" (optional, true or false) is whether or not to cache the indicated page, and "active" (optional, true or false) is whether or not to make the tab active. For example:
<tabview id="Particles">
would produce

Note that if two or more tabs are specified as active, the last one listed becomes the active tab. If no tabs are specified as active, then the table remains collapsed until the user selects a tab.

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