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The MediaWiki software that runs Memory Alpha keeps track of every edit that is made to every page. It also tracks who made the edit. Therefore, it is possible to search and discover what edits a specific user has made on Memory Alpha. There are several methods of doing this:

  • If the user has a user page: Bring up the user page, click "User contributions" in the sidebar.
  • If the user does not have a user page: Click on the user's name, press "cancel" when prompted to start a new user page, then click "User contributions" in the sidebar.
  • If the user is not registered with Memory Alpha, then there are two options:

You can also make a link to a specific user's contributions list (either your own or someone else's), by including [[Special:Contributions/USERNAME]] in the wiki text.

Composition of the list

The list of edits is presented in reverse chronological order (from newest to oldest). There is one line per edit, showing the time, date, a "hist" link, a "diff" link, an "m" if the edit was minor, the page name (including the namespace if other than the main one), and the edit summary (there is no edit summary included if the page was newly-created).

If an edit is marked "(top)", that means that that edit is the most recent for the page in question at the time the list was generated. Administrators also have a "[rollback]" link on these lines. (See reverting a page.)

Edits for deleted pages will not be shown in this list, because those edits are no longer part of the database. (But undeleted pages will be restored to the list of contributions.) The act of deleting or restoring a page is also not shown in the contributions list (if the user is an administrator).