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Every page in Memory Alpha has a link that is labeled "What links here". On some other wikis, this is known as backlinks. This feature is designed to see which other pages in Memory Alpha contain a link to a given page.

However, there are a few limitations to this feature:

  • A maximum of 500 pages are listed; if there are more, there is no indication that the list is incomplete.
  • Subpages that have automatic (generated) links are not listed.

The "what links here" listing can also be used with templates, because a referral to a template is treated as a link. (This means that you can find out which pages are using a specific template.) Also, a link from a template is treated as such, and not as a link from the page in which the template is included.

This feature also works for pages that do not exist. It can be useful in which pages that have not (yet) been created may be in the highest demand.

When the link tables in the database are rebuilt, the lists are alphabetically ordered. However, adding a link subsequently causes it to be added to the end, and thus these occur in chronological order.