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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Lower Decks, and thus may contain spoilers.

Ma'ah was a Klingon warrior who lived during the late 24th century. Over an extremely short period of time in 2381, went from a lower decker helm officer, to second-in-command, then to captain of the Klingon Bird of Prey IKS Che'ta'.

Initially, as a lower decker, Ma'ah was focused on advancement in rank. Having noticed that First Officer Togg had been frequently undermining the captain, Dorg, Ma'ah assumed that Togg would soon be killed and wanted to be in the position to be named the new second-in-command. Soon after Togg was killed by Dorg in a challenge, Ma'ah showed his support of the captain first by disposing of Togg's body, then refill the bloodwine in officers' mess, and praised Dorg's pet targ by comparing it to Kor's hound at the Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt. Pleased, Dorg allowed Ma'ah to tend to his targ, and named Ma'ah his new second-in-command after Ma'ah agreed with him that the Klingon Empire had become weak and soft.

Their interaction was cut short when the Che'ta' arrived at the rendezvous point with the Pakled Clumpship Pakled, when it was revealed that Dorg had been collaborating with the Pakleds. Ma'ah's support of the captain soon threw into doubt after he learnt that Dorg was supplying the Pakleds with weapons and information in a bid to destabilize the entire quadrant. Furthermore, Ma'ah saw Dorg's use of the Pakleds to do his bidding as a dishonorable act, as Klingons would not allow others to fight their battles for them.

When USS Cerritos warped in to the meeting place between the Pakleds and Dorg to investigate the surge in metreon particles, Dorg ordered firing on the Cerritos and allowing the Pakleds to take the would be final shot at the Federation starship so to alleviate suspicions of himself and the Klingons, which Ma'ah again saw as a dishonorable act. However, the odds were quickly evened, when the Vulcan cruiser Sh'vhal joined the battle, assisting the Cerritos, but still unable to withstand the combined firepower of the Pakled ship and the Che'ta'.

Ma'ah rose to challenge Dorg in a personal combat, as he disagreed that the Federation was an enemy, but the taller and stronger Dorg easily gained the upper hand. As Dorg was about to kill Ma'ah with his sword, his own pet targ bit his hand and forced him to drop the sword. Undeterred, Dorg was still able to knock away Ma'ah and the targ, and approached the downed Ma'ah. Suddenly, Ma'ah rose up and stabbed Dorg using Dorg's sword, killing the captain.

As Ma'ah stood above Dorg's body to catch his breath, a bridge officer addressed Ma'ah as the new captain of the Che'ta', and asked for his command. Ma'ah sat on the captain's chair and ordered to set a course for Qo'noS, in order to report Dorg's actions to the Klingon High Council. (LD: "wej Duj")

Ma'ah was voiced by Jon Curry.
His name was misspelled as "M'ach" in the subtitles, which was also the way it was pronounced in the episode's English AD. [1]
Lower Decks series creator Mike McMahan said, "I love Ma'ah! My whole thing with Klingons is that I just love a Klingon that doesn't backstab. A Klingon that’s like, the most honest in their motivations." [2]