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Macarena Bianchi (born 21 November 1973; age 45) is a wordsmith, actress, film producer, and sustainable marketer who appeared as a background actress, a Starfleet officer in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise's fourth season. As a background actress, she received no on-screen credit for her appearances. In a special feature on the fourth season DVD, she was only referred to as Macarena, whereas several call sheets listed her as Macarena Lovemore.

Bianchi is from Santiago, Chile and was politically exiled with her family at a young age. In 1997, she moved to Los Angeles. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Motion Picture Producing from the American Film Institute, a BA in International Relations from Florida International University, and a BA in Environmental Studies from FIU.

In 1998, she appeared in the opening sequence of the drama Let's Talk About Sex. Bianchi served as production manager and line producer for the 2003 drama Two Days, which featured Adam Scott and Karl Wiedergott among the cast, as producer for the 2003 short project Mindcrime, and as production manager and producer for the 2004 short drama Among Thieves. She was also an office production assistant in the United States for the 2004 Bollywood film Bride & Prejudice.

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