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Madeline was an alien Starfleet cadet present at James T. Kirk's disciplinary hearing at Starfleet Academy in 2258. Following a distress call from Vulcan, she was transferred to the USS Enterprise where she served as a science officer on the bridge. (Star Trek)

She continued serving on the ship when Kirk was promoted to commanding officer, and joined its five-year mission two years later as one of the bridge officers. Madeline informed Spock that the ships auxiliary power failed when the ship began to lose its orbit and fell towards Earth. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

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Madeline was played by Kimberly Broumand who was credited for this role in the end credits of Star Trek Into Darkness. For her appearance in Star Trek, she received credit as "Cadet Alien" and worked on it under her maiden name, Kimberly Arland. She was never addressed by this name on screen.

The character design, which was inspired by an image of facial ornamentation seen by J.J. Abrams, was done by Neville Page. His concept for the design was tribal scarification. (Star Trek - The Art of the Film, p. 73)

The sculpting of the character's make-up was achieved by Proteus FX. "We used silicone appliances tinted with bronze metallic powders to keep application times down," recalled Barney Burman. "Then it was just a matter of doing the detailing work." Also involved in the make-up were chrome silver corneal contact lenses, which were created by Justin Stafford, and tiny, pointed prosthetic dentures. The make-up was applied by Margaret Prentice and Ned Neidhart. (Cinefex, number 118, pp. 46 & 52)

A behind-the-scenes picture of Cadet Madeline was used as card #8 in the virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals, titled Cadet Kar'dla. Another image was used for card #46, titled Science Officer Madeline.

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