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Madison Eginton (born 28 August 1989; age 31) is the actress who portrayed Madison Picard in Star Trek Generations.

After Generations, Eginton appeared in the Stanley Kubrick-directed 1999 movie Eyes Wide Shut as the daughter of the movie's leads, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. She also performed in the 2000 film Psycho Beach Party (with Ruth Williamson, John Cirigliano, Richard Fancy, Reggie Lee, Ron Althoff, and Stephen Wozniak), the 2002 short Joshua Tree and the 2010 Death and Cremation, which starred Brad Dourif.

In television, she appeared in episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1996, starring Joe Lando, with Bibi Besch, Barbara Babcock, Benjamin Livingston and Hélène Udy), Boy Meets World (1998), Four Colds and a Funeral (1999, with Lorna Raver), Touched by an Angel, ER and Angel (all in 2000) and Everybody Hates Chris in 2009.

She is a graduate of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and the recipient of a scholarship from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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