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Maggie Thrett is the stage name of Diane Pine (born 18 November 1946; age 74), the actress who played Ruth Bonaventure in the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode "Mudd's Women". She filmed her scenes between Monday 6 June 1966 and Friday 10 June 1966 at Desilu Stage 9 and Stage 10.

Outside of Star Trek, she has also appeared on television programs such as The Wild Wild West (one episode with William Campbell and another with Jason Evers), Cimarron Strip (with Bobby Clark, Jason Wingreen and Morgan Woodward), and I Dream of Jeannie. Her feature film credits consist of 1966's Out of Sight (her first film, in which she co-starred with fellow TOS guest actress Carole Shelyne), Dimension 5 (1966, starring Jeffrey Hunter, France Nuyen, Robert Ito, and Jon Lormer), The Devil's Brigade (1968, with Andrew Prine and Hal Needham), Three in the Attic (1968, with Richard Derr), and Cover Me Baby (1970, with Jeff Corey).

Prior to her arrival in Holywood, Maggie Thrett had pursued a career as an R & B singer, having released the single "Lucky Girl" (as Diane Pine) on the Take 3 label (1964), followed by the singles "Soupy" and "Walk On By" (as Maggie Thrett) on the DynoVoice label (both 1965). "Soupy" continues to be a cult hit, having been sampled by various Northern Soul acts.

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