Magnetic organism beams aboard

The magnetic organism unexpectedly beams aboard the Enterprise with the crew

Magnetic organism trapped at dead star

trapped on the dead star

The magnetic organism was a malevolent lifeform. A form of primal energy, it had no mass, but seemed to display a Magnetic flux, which increased as it grew stronger, and which seemed to fluctuate in a steady, almost pulsating rhytm not unlike the beating of a heart.

It was capable of symbiotic relationship with a host body, a starship for instance. When doing so it would utilize the electronic control systems of a starship like a man used the neural control systems of the human body, and thus essentially become the starship. It was also believed capable of reproduction, by mitosis.

It was encountered at a dead star by an Ancient insectoid starship 300 million years ago. The crew determined it to be malevolent, and rather then risk spreading to other world, they destroyed their ship.

The creature survived on the ship's dead hulk, until it was encountered by the USS Enterprise in 2269. It managed to take over that ship, its crew serving in its body like the white corpuscles in human blood. It then ordered the ship to set course to the heart of the galaxy.

The Enterprise crew managed to set a slingshot course round the dead star without the organism's approval. Believing they were about to destroy the ship, it evacuated it for the dark star, but the Enterprise activated warp drive and escaped the Hypergravity of the object, leaving the organism stranded again.

As the enterprise resumed its previous mission, the organism launched a desperate cry for help out of fear of being lonely. (TAS: "Beyond the Farthest Star")

The magnetic organism was voiced by James Doohan.


"You will obey me."
"And if I refuse?"
(the organism shoots Kirk using the automatic bridge defense system)
"Obey me!"
- magnetic organism and Kirk - Listen to this quote file info

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