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Maihar'du was the Hupyrian servant of former Grand Nagus Zek. Maihar'du had taken a vow of silence and was only permitted to speak to the Nagus. He was very imposing and was not only a servant, but a bodyguard and food taster. He was also the flight control officer to Zek's personal shuttle. (DS9: "Rules of Acquisition") He often provided Zek with his favorite drug, Hupyrian beetle snuff. (DS9: "The Nagus")

He was very concerned when Zek came under the influence of the Prophets and tried to rewrite the Rules of Acquisition. He brought Zek to Quark and Rom to seek their help. For their assistance, Maihar'du presented Quark with an expensive handkerchief and patted him on the head. (DS9: "Prophet Motive")

Once Zek appointed Rom as the new Grand Nagus, Maihar'du pulled Brunt away from Rom and forcibly sat him down to the side. After giving nods of well wishes and farewells to Rom, Maihar'du accompanied Zek and Ishka to Zek's retirement on Risa. (DS9: "The Dogs of War")



Background information

Maihar'du was played by Tiny Ron.

According to makeup supervisor, Maihar'du's makeup was based upon that of Pruneface from Dick Tracy. (Michael Westmore's Aliens: Season Two, DS9 Season 2 DVD, Special Features)

The only time Maihar'du spoke on screen was as a representation of himself as a Prophet in the form of the Maihar'du Alien during Quark's visit to the wormhole in "Prophet Motive".

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