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*[[LeVar Burton]] as [[Geordi La Forge]]
*[[LeVar Burton]] as [[Geordi La Forge]]
*[[Michael Dorn]] as [[Worf]]
*[[Michael Dorn]] as [[Worf]]
*[[Gates McFadden]] as [[Beverly Crusher]] (season 1, [[Shades of Grey]] (clips), 3-7)
*[[Gates McFadden]] as [[Beverly Crusher]] (season 1, 3-7)
*[[Marina Sirtis]] as [[Deanna Troi]]
*[[Marina Sirtis]] as [[Deanna Troi]]
*[[Denise Crosby]] as [[Natasha Yar]] (season 1, special guest star in [[Yesterday's Enterprise]])
*[[Denise Crosby]] as [[Natasha Yar]] (season 1)
*[[Wil Wheaton]] as [[Wesley Crusher]] (season 1-4, recurring after [[Final Mission]])
*[[Wil Wheaton]] as [[Wesley Crusher]] (season 1-4)
*[[Diana Muldaur]] as [[Katherine Pulaski]] (season 2, credited as "special guest star")
*[[Diana Muldaur]] as [[Katherine Pulaski]] (season 2, credited as "special guest star" by actress' request)
== ''Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'' ==
== ''Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'' ==

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